HISTORIES 2010 - 2016

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Product type : Vinyl - 3 LP Box Set
Release Date : 25 February 2022



EIGHT BELLS reissue their first two albums "The Captain's Daughter (2013), which included material from the debut EP "Isosceles" (2011), and "Landless" (2016) parallel to the release of their forthcoming new third full-length "Legacy of Ruin" (2022) joined together under the title "Histories  2010 -?2016"!

This amazing edition also contains the bonus track 'Purgatory' and five previously unreleased demo versions of songs from both albums.

EIGHT BELLS were conceived as the brainchild and songwriting project of Melynda Jackson in 2010. The guitarist and vocalist named the band after the final album of her previous act, SUBARACHNOID SPACE. While the trio evolved through several line-up changes in the beginning, Melynda is now supported by vocalist and bass player Matt Solis (CORMORANT, URSA) and Brian Burke (NO SHORES, CAVE DWELLER) on drums.
EIGHT BELLS breaks from the pack by exploring the natural tones and grand visions of the 1970s as reflected in the influences that she cites, which include early prog and krautrock trailblazers such as GENESIS, AMON DÜÜL II, POPOL VUH, MAGMA, RUSH, the ambient minimalist composers in the realm of BRIAN ENO and STEVE REICH as well as the progressive ends on the spectrum of black, doom, and death metal such as ENSLAVED, ULVER, DEATH, YOB, and EMPEROR to name but a few.
Following the release of the "Isosceles" EP (2011), EIGHT BELLS gained international recognition for their debut album "The Captain's Daughter (2013)" and tour support for SUBROSA across North America. With their sophomore full-length "Landless" (2016), EIGHT BELLS consolidated their reputation as one of the up and coming acts, joined VOIVOD in the US and received an invitation to Psycho Las Vegas, which the trio gladly accepted.

1. Hating
2. Hold My Breath
3. Landless
4. The Mortal's Suite
5. Touch Me
Captain's Daughter
6. Tributaries
7. Fate and Technology
8. The Captain's Daughter
9. Yellowed Wallpaper
Bonus - feat.  Kris Force
1. Purgatory

Landless Demo
2. Hating
3. Landless
4. Touch Me
5. Tributaries
6. The Captain's Daughter
7. Yellowed Wallpaper

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